Saturday, July 12, 2014

Salt Lake City Moving Supplies

Beehive Movers offers a variety of premium moving supplies at affordable prices to our moving customers.

Moving pads
Are a excellent protection for high end furniture

Paper Pads
Less expensive version of moving pads,great for Art work and your valuable valuable.

1.5 Small Boxes
small moving boxes are sized to pack books, photo albums, DVDs, and office supplies,

3.0 Medium Boxes
Medium moving boxes are the commonly used moving box. .s.

4.0 Large Boxes
large box is best suited for packing bulky household goods such as comforters, blankets, lampshades, pillows

Wardrobe Boxes
These wardrobe boxes are good for storing clothing without removing from their hangers. They are also good for toys and garage items (light items)

Dish Boxes
Perfect for all your dishes. Make sure you wrap your items with plainpaper

Lamp Boxes

4 pc Mirror Carton
Can conform to most any size,good for flat screens,mirrors

Plain Packing Paper
.Packing paper is a wonderful moving supply that helps protect your dishes from moving damages.

Bubble Wrap
Excellent for protection for fragile items

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  1. I am going to be moving to a bigger house next month. I need to start packing all of my stuff, but I need to buy moving supplies first. I need to get boxes and tape, as well as something to carry my fragile dishes in. Looks like I get do to some shopping!